Sunday, October 3, 2010

Families together forever... "Hooray!"

I'm trying to take in every cute moment with my Drew (now 3..aah!) and Miley...They are my last of the lil ones in this house and time is flying by way too fast! I just want to sometimes put those moments on pause and revel in it for hours. I want to bottle the feelings of the moment.
especially because I have the memory of a bird (I don't know...but I would think birds don't have very good memories). anyways I know there are days that I wish I could run and run forever my own 100 mile marathon and not come home till the next day...but there areso many more days that my love for my children could just consume me. They are all such sweet spirits and it warms my heart to believe that they chose Andy and I to be their earthly parents and help them through this life to return to their Father in Heaven one day. I love my family and love that I have the gospel in our lives. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for my precious family.

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