Thursday, June 17, 2010

Was Drewby just visited by a spirit?

This Morning I was downstairs in the playroom in our basement, which is the only room in the basement that is finished. Drew and Miley were playing down there. I quickly went upstairs, without them, to get something. A couple minutes later Drew comes tearing up the basement stairs screaming and crying. I thought he had really hurt himself. He was crying so loud. I asked what was wrong. He kept pointing toward the basement saying "Guy, Guy!" Well I rush down there because Miley is still down there. I ran into the playroom to find Miley playing happily, no sign of distress. I asked Drew where he had seen the guy. He pointed toward the dark side of the basement. I walk over there a little scared that I might actually find an intruder. But found nothing. I then asked Drew what the guy looked like? Was he mean or nice? He told me nice. I asked if he was scary and he told me "Yes". ( All while he is biting on his fingers, he does that when he is nervous.) I don't know, but I guarantee you my 2 yr old has never heard of ghosts or watched anything scary. I will have to ask B & Boo if they have tried to scare him like that before...
"To be continued..."

1 comment:

  1. i think grampa was watching out for our lil man!

    i know that they are our guardian angels!

    there is no other explanation for him being scared yet saying the man was a nicey!

    the experience scared him but grampa was nice...

    i love that munchkin!