Monday, March 7, 2011


Yes, everyone who knows me knows that I am a creature lovin' kinda gal...but I would usually draw the line at worms. I mean, you won't see me sacrificing them on the hook of a fishing pole, but I now have added to my resume'...picking them up one by one off the driveway after a rainstorm and taking them to a safer spot (in the soil) request of my 2 year old. (Sidenote: I did this for an hour ya'll!)
Why? you ask...
I could not ignore the terrified gasps of my little Miley when she noticed our puppy "Penelope" running around our driveway eating them all!
So yes!...after saving that first lowly worm from the jaws of one hungry Bulldog...and hearing my sweet Miley smile and shout out "Yay!" ...and pointing to another worm "uh-oh mumma"...and another, and another...and another, etc.
I am proud to say that all earthworms at the Hawker household are safe and sound in their beds of soil!
What we won't do for those precious little souls, Right?
What is the most "outlandish" thing you have done for your kiddos?
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