Monday, March 7, 2011

Boo's Baptism, Dunked! Then dunked again...

My Madison Brooke "Boo" has made one of the biggest choices in this lifetime. We are so proud of you sweet girl. There will be many, many other choices you will need to make in this life, some easier than the one you made on your Baptism day and others will be much harder. Your Dad and I are confident that you will always keep yourself worthy to have the Holy Ghost as your companion...this way you will never have to wonder if you made the right choice or not. We love you sweetie!

On a funnier note: Let's not forget to look back and smile at the memories of the day,

1st: Your silly Dad forgetting to bless you with your name

2nd: Your silly Mom blowing the fuse in the bathroom with the blow-dryer (I was previously warned not to use, oops)thus creating all the lights in the baptismal font to go out on your sweet friend McCall's baptism.

3rd:Having to sing your chosen song"If the savior stood beside me", accupella, cuz I forgot to bring the sheet music. BTW...we did sound pretty good :)

All in all, the day was beautiful! The light in your eyes was radiant and sweet that day.


Yes, everyone who knows me knows that I am a creature lovin' kinda gal...but I would usually draw the line at worms. I mean, you won't see me sacrificing them on the hook of a fishing pole, but I now have added to my resume'...picking them up one by one off the driveway after a rainstorm and taking them to a safer spot (in the soil) request of my 2 year old. (Sidenote: I did this for an hour ya'll!)
Why? you ask...
I could not ignore the terrified gasps of my little Miley when she noticed our puppy "Penelope" running around our driveway eating them all!
So yes!...after saving that first lowly worm from the jaws of one hungry Bulldog...and hearing my sweet Miley smile and shout out "Yay!" ...and pointing to another worm "uh-oh mumma"...and another, and another...and another, etc.
I am proud to say that all earthworms at the Hawker household are safe and sound in their beds of soil!
What we won't do for those precious little souls, Right?
What is the most "outlandish" thing you have done for your kiddos?
***Please share ***

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Families together forever... "Hooray!"

I'm trying to take in every cute moment with my Drew (now 3..aah!) and Miley...They are my last of the lil ones in this house and time is flying by way too fast! I just want to sometimes put those moments on pause and revel in it for hours. I want to bottle the feelings of the moment.
especially because I have the memory of a bird (I don't know...but I would think birds don't have very good memories). anyways I know there are days that I wish I could run and run forever my own 100 mile marathon and not come home till the next day...but there areso many more days that my love for my children could just consume me. They are all such sweet spirits and it warms my heart to believe that they chose Andy and I to be their earthly parents and help them through this life to return to their Father in Heaven one day. I love my family and love that I have the gospel in our lives. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for my precious family.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Was Drewby just visited by a spirit?

This Morning I was downstairs in the playroom in our basement, which is the only room in the basement that is finished. Drew and Miley were playing down there. I quickly went upstairs, without them, to get something. A couple minutes later Drew comes tearing up the basement stairs screaming and crying. I thought he had really hurt himself. He was crying so loud. I asked what was wrong. He kept pointing toward the basement saying "Guy, Guy!" Well I rush down there because Miley is still down there. I ran into the playroom to find Miley playing happily, no sign of distress. I asked Drew where he had seen the guy. He pointed toward the dark side of the basement. I walk over there a little scared that I might actually find an intruder. But found nothing. I then asked Drew what the guy looked like? Was he mean or nice? He told me nice. I asked if he was scary and he told me "Yes". ( All while he is biting on his fingers, he does that when he is nervous.) I don't know, but I guarantee you my 2 yr old has never heard of ghosts or watched anything scary. I will have to ask B & Boo if they have tried to scare him like that before...
"To be continued..."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mirror Lake Fishing??? Nope not Today :(

We decided that picnics weren't our thing. How about an afternoon fishing trip
? All was lookin great!
Till we got there... Yep, as we headed up Provo canyon, the tell tale signs were everywhere... Snow?! and lots of it... We reached our destination...Mirror Lake, it was beautiful... and frozen! What the? Oh well. We still had tons of fun trudging throught the snow to see the Provo River Falls. So beautiful... Sun was shining... icicles still hanging off the rocks... Couldn't have asked for a better afternoon. Love ya my family, We had a good day!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tonight's gonna be a good, good night!

2010 Dance recital. It was an awesome night! Both my Boo & B danced in it. Both had 2 dances each. Boo did "Jump Around" (which was Andy's fav song)and she also danced to "These Sounds" or as Boo called it "Cheese Town". Brayden's hip hop song was "Jump, Jump" and Jazz was "insane in the membrane".
Another side note: Brayden volunteered to say the prayer for the whole studio to kick the night off right. I am just amazed all the time at that kids spirit. Love you both, my wonderful B & Boo.