Friday, May 29, 2009

Sometimes it's not "great" to be crazy!

So much for being a good citizen- I got to meet up with "Crazy Utah lady #1" yesterday, when I sat concerned about her collie dog, who she left sitting in a hot truck for the 25-30 minutes I had been watching. I then decided to call and report it to the police. 5 minutes later, this 50 yr old biker chick comes strolling out of the tanning salon- I decided to nicely state "I've been watching your dog for the past 1/2 hour.." She states "Yeah, So What!" I said"Well it's really hot out.." She them proceeds to verbally abuse me telling me to "Back off $#&*@" So I yell.. "Well I called the police.." and jump in my van and drive thing I know she is in my rear view mirror, she then decides to follow me for another 15 minutes. Of course I just drove in circles around South Jordan and I think she got the hint that I was not going to show her where I lived... and I finally lost her. Moral of the story- Don't tell leather tanned, 50 yr old biker chicks they don't know how to take care of their animals... Let this be a lesson to us all.


  1. hey lady.

    i, for one, am proud of you! i think you did the right thing. and i am pretty sure that the dog thinks so too!!!!! love ya sis

  2. LOL! And I thought I had drama in my life! oh BEcca, It's times like this when I love ya the most. :)