Sunday, May 31, 2009

Diamonds are a girls best friend...ok maybe not...

Well, first they make you cry for about 20 seconds but then the're not so bad... "Now for sure no one will wonder if I'm a girl or a boy.. Don't you hate that when your a newborn... I mean it's like come on I've got a pink carseat people what more proof do you need?" signed, Miley Capri


  1. man our kids are cute!!!!!!! and man our kids are weinies!!! :)

    i am so glad youre a blogger!!! youre so fun! we will be so glad one day when we can just send in for the book form of these blogs!

  2. I can't believe our little Miley is growing up! I would peirce traces ears but..... Jk :) At least i can spoil my nieces. :)