Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Miley "Bean" is 1 !!!

"Happy Birthday Bean"

My sweet darling baby is "1" as of Nov. 7th... or 8th. I know terrible huh? Yes I really did forget my fourth childs birthdate and to top it off with some frosting- lost her birth certificate. Does that qualify me for the "mother of the year" award?? I seem to remember thinking we both shared the same days in our birthday- therefore making hers the 8th. Sounds good I'll go with that till a birth certificate pops up.

Anyways, date right or not, I love you my lil' Miley. You definately were the icing on this family. Your little spirit added just the right sweetness and happiness to this family. Your Dad and I could not have made a better mistake! Yes, you were quite the surprise. We love you bean- and look forward to growing up with you (especially your Dad who has the most growing up to do.) Love Mom

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  1. ha ha ha anytime we can throw in a jab at hubbies expense it is just good plain funny!